The GOP represents the original beliefs of the first settlers: all people of color, worldwide, are inferior. This was supported through philosophy, political thought, economics, science, etc etc c. 500 years ago: huge effort was made to declare 90% of the human race, worldwide, inferior and ‘subhuman.’

What has followed since is an elaboration of this original philosophical decision to perceive selves — only European, white ones — as automatically superior regardless of intrinsic performance or ability to produce value. Note how effective was — and is — this particular lie: the trait is immutable, thus guaranteeing permanent superiority for whites and permanent inferiority for others. As a result, even an utter lack of positive contribution of whites is still deemed superior to any amount of ACTUAL contribution by people of color.

The most obvious example of this is the Transatlantic Slave Trade, in which due to significant efforts of Europeans of the past century, white Europeans were able to justify ownership of other human beings. This didn’t happen all of a sudden, in a void; it happened only after centuries of deliberate efforts on the parts of Europeans to declare everybody else — ie, approx 90% of the human race — automatically and permanently inferior to them. Automatically ‘subhuman.’

As a result, a whole bunch of British peasants confined to low class living due to monarchical realities in Europe came to America to make sure that ‘people’ could have equality.

What most history books fail to mention is that Europeans had already decided that only whites were people. Of course, this greatly minimized any need to produce actual, intrinsic value as 90% of the human race was already deemed too inferior to be included. Clearly, competing with only 10% is much less challenging than competing with the other 90% and gives whites a massive advantage worldwide.

The GOP, as a group, acts like the party of holding onto this unearned benefit. They represent groups of people who cannot compete on an even playing field, who know deep down inside that if they gave all POC a fair chance, they wouldn’t have one. They know they have their positions due to policies that don’t allow higher performers than they are to receive the rewards that 90% is due. They’ve justified: the genocide of almost 60 million Native American/Indigenous peoples; the Transatlantic Slave Trade; most recently: an atom bomb on a less than obsequious Japan; multiple murders in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq of civilians, all so that white men could have more money and other people’s things.

Real reparations would start at the TA Slave Trade and the Indigenous, and then move to retribution for the worldwide mess incurred at their hands in the form of economics. Of course, a group of people embracing this sort of egregious history will not drum up the moral necessity to see how toxic their leadership really is, and move out of the way so that people with actual leadership traits can participate in American government.

No wonder rich white people and poor ones love him. The rich ones stand to lose a lot if REAL value matters. The poor ones are suddenly starting to realize that their white skin isn’t going to do all the work for them anymore and, for them, this poses a big problem given their inability to compete.

It stands to reason that all POC will have the stamina to compete at higher levels than whites because the same white supremacy that helps them is a massive force against which the rest of us must push just to survive.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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