The Gestalt in this article illustrates to me why these issues continue to crop up.

The Karen meme has arisen because White women have an inordinate amount of privilege in a White supremacist society AND because 'Karen' CONSTANTLY frames herself as victim instead of looking at her massive privilege.

This is one of the main problems that White women have in our society, and one of the main reasons many BIPOC women cannot brook this divide: White women frame themselves as victims to an extreme, which is the exact historical reason that ALL others--and in particular Black men and other Black pp--are constantly jeopardized. There is a natural tension between White womens' apparent extreme need to perceive themselves as victims and the fact that others are derogated AS A DIRECT RESULT OF RENDERING THAT PRIVILEGE INVISIBLE.

White women MUST find some sort of language for their massive privilege, because the main current AND historical problem is that their performance of vulnerability and victimization is at the root of BIPOC, and especially Black, oppression.

It is time for White women to make the same effort to perceive their privilege that they ask of other men. The biggest contribution you can make as a White woman is NOT to leverage her alleged victimization stance but the opposite: to call out this insidious, constant and damaging need so many White women seem to have to distract from their massive privilege by centralizing their alleged victimization.

As a White woman, you can be an ally by centralizing White women's privilege and rendering peripheral their constantly over-dramatized 'victimization.'

Ms. Hurley: who are the REAL victims in this story?? If you can answer this correctly, perhaps you need to focus on the source of the actual victimization and find the courage to call her a perpetrator.


She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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