The fact that a majority of white women voted for Trump exposes the collective belief of many white women, even as many individual white women voice disgust for him: that, despite his obvious misogyny, his white supremacist agenda ultimately favors white women MORE than it hurts them from a gender standpoint. Frankly, this illustrates what has frequently seemed to me to be covert but true: many white women will choose to uphold a supremacist system simply because the benefits that accrue to them (for free) by being white trump (so to speak) any other issue, even one such as feminism for which they often voice vigorous support.

The bottom line is that white women will have a great difficulty, moving forward in claiming retribution for gender issues if they cannot also acknowledge the significant and unalterable, immutable benefit that they have over B/B/I women which allows them, through a similar system of color blindness, to justify keeping their feet on the necks of B/B/I women. This approach has already been perceived as hypocritical and, as the melanated population grows, will likely continue to be perceived as two-faced.

As for people of color who are not black turning towards whiteness: simply participating in white supremacy shouldn’t happen. White supremacy has been a global movement that places ‘black’ as the opposite in the binary, therefore placing them, through a form of terrorism, in subordinated positions. But all people of color are damaged by white supremacy at some level or another, thus all POC should understand that the same system that places blacks worldwide in subordinate positions also subordinates B/B/I even as it gives them the (bad choice) option of stepping on another’s neck.

All B/B/I people worldwide should understand this: the invention of white race and white supremacy places us all, relatively speaking, in subordinate positions. Thus, even if only for selfish reasons — if not for the obvious morality involved in supporting African-Americans and blacks worldwide — all B/B/I should be working to dismantle white supremacy.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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