The fact of the matter is that the authoritarian personality is poorly suited to a democracy. The reason these personalities have survived in the US as we know it is because the US was established as a white supremacist system in which white people are automatically favored, so it operates from that perspective as a dictatorship in which one group (white) dominates the others (POC.)

Authoritarians don’t like this dominance to be damaged. This is inconsistent with democracy at a fundamental level. Authoritarianism is consistent with dictatorship. So, as the dictatorship which is white supremacy is revealed, they become angry: authoritarianism is consistent with their belief in the world, and TRUE equality — which would be consistent with democracy — repugnant.

Authoritarian personalities, regardless of their race or any other factors, are poorly suited to democracies based on their basic personality type. It seems they are disinterested, at least as a group, in changing in ways which reflect human equality.

If authoritarians aren’t willing to modify their more toxic personality traits — ones consistent with dictatorship — -in order to be congruent with democracy, why is it that they are still here?! They would mesh best with a dictatorship, and as the US grapples with its own form of dictatorship — white supremacy — they don’t like it. Why not just go somewhere where their true personalities can feel comfortable?! There are dictatorships all over the world that would exploit the sadist/masochist portions of their character authentically — places that are overtly authoritarian without pretense.

It is important that we ask how we can have a TRUE democracy, and then ask what sorts of people can support this. It should be obvious by now that white supremacy is inconsistent with democracy, and that the SDOs who like it are damaging not only to the people around them, but to the overall fundamental basis of democracy.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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