The central issue remains off the table: actual money, promotions, awards etc, as opposed to the apparently interminable conversation of white liberals trying to prove to the world that they’re nicer than their behaviors would indicate.

Whether or not one is ‘nice’ has nothing to do with an anti-racist society; quite the contrary, it distracts from getting the pragmatic job done. Like most privileged white women, she conveys liberal beliefs while still acting like a privileged white woman and apparently not hesitating to take the unearned benefits of this position. When these people have the courage to talk about money and policies AND what they will do to shift the significant monetary advantage that whites have as a group, none of this lip service matters.

The lip service continues because to give away something real might mean that Chelsea Handler, instead of capitalizing on her white womanhood, would give her talk show opportunity to a person of color who actually understands racism and can speak about it directly, from a moment-to -moment lived, embedded experience.

Of course, this would mean giving up her advantage, her show, her money, etc etc. This is the point at which white liberals vigorously discuss how they are good white people instead of addressing the real issue: as long as she’s the one with the talk show, she’s the one with the decision making and voice. If REAL benefits are not redistributed in an equitable fashion — as has been promised by the Constitution for centuries and still not fulfilled — talk remains cheap.

Across the board, whether discussing education, housing, prison systems, promotions, awards, etc, unless white liberals are willing to start to put their money where their mouths are, and allow the real decision-making, powerful positions to go to people of color, nothing will change. In fact, white liberals continue to privilege each other while discussing equality as if they are somehow distinct from other whites, a highly hypocritical stance.

They can call themselves true anti-racists when they start giving real opportunities to people of color, even when it means they lose their own ‘opportunity,’ AKA privilege. It’s time to stop talking and start doing, even if it means losing that lofty position her privilege — which people of color don’t get — helped her attain.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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