Thanks for your response.

I agree with you in theory.

But I’m tired of having to do all this work and getting nowhere, as I have for decades. There have been no changes whatsoever, regardless of my efforts.

So, though I agree with you in theory, I do think there must be some sympathy for those who have attempted it and are being crushed. Of course African Americans are crushed in ways the rest of us, frankly, can’t imagine in this country, and perhaps everywhere.

I think it is the responsibility of the oppressed group to acknowledge the oppression. As we know, people with power — whether on an individual or group level, rarely give up their power. What a large majority of white people are doing now is avoiding this acknowledgement, which is the behavior typical of any person who has power. Power effaces the ability to see reality clearly. Unfortunately, in this case, it comprises a kind of mass hallucination and continues to befuddle many people of color regardless, causing (at least in my world) efforts to separate. In my world, people of color are forming groups to discuss their oppression and are excluding white people because we are past our limits tolerating this high grade stupidity. We’ve included them for years, and we know NONE who are truly listening.

Our children are being taught about white supremacy in detail. The fact that some parents at schools are pushing back at the 1619 project tells you that they are scared: the truth scares people for whom lies are the only buttress to success. Whether or not some white people feel guilty or shamed shouldn’t be the main focus; I would say feel whatever needs to be felt to (finally) react in any sort of moral fashion: the bar is so low almost anything seems like improvement.

Regardless, I think people crushed by this experience should not be obligated to fix it. The reality is that only a large and motivated majority can do that.

I perceive the events of the last 500 years as a consolidation of power from one group of people (European etiology, 10%) in every country against all people of color, and in particular people of African descent (90%). This is a requirement of conquest: that the ‘other’ will be monolithic, and their peoples nonexistent. This is maintained, whether deliberately or not, by a collective white investment in the lie which hands them much more than they have earned in the last 20 or so generations, and certainly more than they are willing to admit; this admission would cause significant cognitive dissonance, because it involves admitting the core belief of ‘whiteness:’

  1. ‘Whiteness’ doesn’t really exist, so what is a ‘white’ person really?
  2. Achievement cannot be real if it is based on ‘race,’ thus white people should appropriately question every ‘achievement’ since it requires much less effort for whites to ‘achieve.’ the concept of merit is difficult to apply to white people given the significant unearned advantage;
  3. There is only ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ for white people, which is yet another lie: it establishes that whites as a group get more than others with ‘freedom’ that nobody else truly gets: therefore, it isn’t liberty but sophisticated thievery a la Macchiavellian tactical behavior that allows white people, as a group, to steal and then claim they acquired it.

Zionism may be part of this system in some fashion, but the Jewish people themselves are victims of white supremacy.

As an aside, in my personal life, the Jewish people I’ve known and know currently have been much more able to see the realities of oppression than ANY of the white people (status quo/Christian) I’ve known. In order to find white people who ‘get it,’ I have to read about them. On a personal basis, then, it seems that Jewish people are damaged by the larger world order of white supremacy and, at least the ones I’ve known, seem to understand that the larger worldwide issue still elevates white-cis-Christian-male at the expense of everybody else. This is a 500 year issue that some perceive includes Zionism. But to me, Zionism is not central regardless.

White supremacy, and the continued devotion to self-deception that maintains it, is the main problem. Each time white people choose self-deception over reality, they plant another seed of anger in the POC watching them and we continue to gradually isolate them as they become further and further severed from reality.

I understand that, no matter where one goes, white people are focusing on self-deception, but in the US, it is particularly penetrated. So, going elsewhere is still attractive to me.

Thanks again for your response.

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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