Thanks for your candor. This sort of article is necessary. The assumption that 'we've come far' encompasses the dominant's priorities; ie, 'we've come far enough for us, the dominant, who won't actually give up our entire power, just enough to make us appear to be decent.'

That isn't enough. The notion that 'we've come far' supports continued dominance. The only stance that leads to true change is one that will take into account the experience of the subordinate, and from that perspective, NOTHING should be enough until there is true equality; thus we have MUCH further to go.

For that, white people need to give up their dominant power completely, not just enough so that they look better than the more overt white racist in the vicinity. UNTIL there is equality=white people will lose power. Nothing else is adequate. By and large, my opinion is that white people as a group are NOT willing to do this. Additionally, POCs with relative 'whiteness' who are often more than willing to jump on the 'white' bandwagon are also impeding this progress (see all the young POCs who tried to silence progress through the recent Harper's Letter.)

Our main efforts should always be focused on the result for the subordinated peoples in society, NOT the degree to which the dominant is able to pat him--or her--self on the back for being 'nicer' than overtly racist.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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