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Yes, your analysis is excellent. People in the field of mental health are mostly white, so their views are almost always distorted by the same white ignorance that maintains our current society.

The admission of their reality will shake their identities to the core, because they will have to question every single ‘achievement’ and ask if they are what they are because they are ‘achievers,’ as they perceive themselves, or if they were simply handed it for free. The truth is likely in between, but for POC, the truth is always that we are denigrated; thus, regardless of how hard white people work, we must work harder.

This was the whole point of WS in the first place: less work and more reward for ‘us intrinsically superior white people.’ Much the way 5 year olds play in a necessarily narcissistic way because they aren’t fully developed as humans and thus can only see themselves. Yet, adults shouldn’t be allowed an excuse indefinitely; white people still refuse to take primary responsibility for racism when it is primarily their problem. POC — and in particular black people — did not engineer the circumstances of our own oppression.

The facts for white people as a group are so ugly, long-standing, and — uniquely — worldwide that it will be a massive effort to face their reality.

You also point out another reality: the connection with capitalism.

I admire the fact that you think POC will have to drag white people out of darkness. I no longer think this is our responsibility. White ‘ignorance’ is no longer an acceptable term, given our generations-long history of stating facts.

I see more and more people of color giving up on white people and their profound collective ‘ignorance,’ much as Saira Rao stated a few years ago during her run for political office in CO.

Thanks again!

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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