Thanks for this insightful article.

To me, this sounds like part of the psychology I see often in a number of white women I’ve known over the years: a significant focus on victimhood at the exclusion of the reality that white women have both social advantage (white) and disadvantage (female). This seems a general focus for white women: an overemphasis on victimhood, almost as if they feel if they pull hard enough in the ‘victim’ direction they won’t have to deal with the advantage.

This ends up rendering many of them blind to a huge reality: we live in a white supremacist society as well as a patriarchy. I’ve begun to wonder, in the last few years, what pragmatic purpose it serves to completely ignore an advantage this large and continue to aggressively promote victimhood when, in fact, they are the ONLY group of women with this huge social advantage (I (I believe WS damages everyone, but from a pragmatic standpoint, white people benefit).

I’ve noticed this as the years have passed: framing oneself as complete victim — when that isn’t accurate — shuts down women of color. It places the focus on white women where, at some sort of subconscious level, not only they but a white-dominated society wants them to be. This centralizes whiteness.

Note who gains from these lawsuits: Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, Greta von Susteren, etc. The larger social benefit of casting certain women as victim keeps the spotlight on the ultimate white woman: blonde, blue eyed, the ‘ultimate’ female. Absent these traits, any indications of whiteness are acceptable.

This may not be negotiated at a conscious level by Milano or any other celebrity, but a quick perusal of these news items will indicate a paucity of black and brown women. Is this because we are being harrassed less often?

No. The publicizing of our victimization is less relevant: we are not the REAL victims because certain bodies matter more, and certain bodies thus MUST garner the attention which comes from victimization. Black and brown bodies just don’t matter as much, so publicizing our victimization isn’t important. Pulling attention in that direction is perceived as stealing from whiteness.

This seems more general than the point of your article — which is excellent — but I think this is part of the interplay of the pure victimhood which is promoted by one group of women….

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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