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It seems that herd mentality created this situation. The majority, perceiving the possibility of being an upcoming minority, decides to maintain that power in any way they can, utilizing the Southern strategy which has been repeatedly elaborated in elections as mentioned by others. See for example Reagan’s speech in Neshoba, August 1980 in which he employed these strategies very effectively. For people who understand the power of the dog whistle, this was an event which had every dog in the nation holding their paws over their ears.

The interesting question to me is not why greedy old white men are selfish: these men have always been overt (or near-overt, as above) in their approach to holding on to power. White supremacists are quite honest about keeping their unearned benefits, and the Congress which essentially represents them — whether overtly or covertly — is alive and well.

What is curious to me is the lengths to which white liberals will:

  1. Offer up ‘real’ racists as racists: Southerners, overt conservative Republicans, etc etc without ever examining their own unearned benefits. This gaslight is used not only to distract everybody else — so that we’re focused solely on the overt racist, but also to lie to themselves, thus allowing them to absolve themselves WHILE:
  2. Allow those white liberals to maintain their power while also maintaining a lily-white perception of themselves.

We see some off these liberals people telling overt, conservative racists to give up their positions, but we will know that there are wholesale efforts to disrupt white supremacy once white liberals have the courage to point their fingers at themselves with the same critical enthusiasm they use on their conservative counterparts.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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