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I think another item which should be underlined is the general conflation that people make between ‘Arab’ and ‘Muslim.’ Most Muslims are not Middle Eastern, and many people of Arabic descent are not Muslim. The Middle East has wide variety including literally hundreds of ethnicities. Yet, when people talk about ‘Muslim’ in the US, they often mean ‘Arab.’

The US government has always used ‘Muslim’ as a place card for ‘Middle Eastern,’ thus conflating two overlapping items completely and essentially allowing for a monolithic view that erases ALL involved, whether Muslim, Arabic, both, or most anything else Middle Eastern. How many people think of SouthEast Asia when they think of Muslims? Nobody I know, yet this is the area of the world with the most Muslims. But this area of the world is poor and doesn’t threaten the US. So, the real issue isn’t ‘Muslim,’ it is how to control a group of people in countries which are only significantly — -but not yet completely — destroyed by American imperialism.

This is convenient for you-know-who, because once again they are placed above a wider range of peoples. This consolidates a great deal of power against them, as Muslims, Arabs, Middle Eastern peoples, etc as a group. This happened decades before Trump and has been a very real feature of my life for decades and for as long as I have memory. Without the desire for conquest of the Middle East, there is no need for making up these lies. I know Middle Eastern people who are Christian (the bulk in America are, according to the Arab American Institute) and they are also treated with discrimination.

The idea of being ‘Muslim’ as negative ALSO folds in a subgroup of African-Americans who have converted and who have managed to garner positive responses, such as Muhammed Ali. This positive response ALWAYS threatens the status quo — long before Trump — and continues to do so, sidelining African-Americans once again with another form of rhetoric.

Trump and his administration are repugnant, but none of this is new. The constant battery of negative data towards ‘Muslims’ and ‘Arabs’ is an economical psychology rigged for conquest: for destroying others while maintaining power both nationally and internationally. We can see this clearly when we watch him, McConnell, Pompeo AND many, many white people in America: they do not view Middle Eastern people as ‘people.’

It is absent fundamental morality because it always has been: it adjusts for whatever or whomever threatens worldwide power of European peoples to guarantee that the era c. 500 years continues unabated.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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