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You hit the nail on the head when you say that white people give others the vote — and anything else of any value — only when it suits their needs.

The other important aspect of this equation is the refusal to admit that these nefarious behaviors continue because white people are not admitting that as a group — their crowd behavior — supports their continued dominance.

White people as a group act as if racism is a handful of crumbs sprinkled on top of an otherwise crumbless soup, and all our society needs to do is brush off the surface a bit to clean things up. But the reality is that, not only are the crumbs in the soup, but they have already disintegrated in the hot mess long ago.

Though it is psychologically favorable for white people to ignore this, and as a group, they do so with apparent enthusiasm — the fact that they refuse to admit the degree to which America is penetrated with racism is yet another exhibition of the same behaviors we’ve watched for centuries. This seems the stance: fter taking resources from African-Americans and Native Americans — plus a host of other black, brown, and indigenous peoples — lets figure out which psychological mechanisms will allow us to keep those things despite the fact that this stance shuns moral behavior. Morals are not relevant and can be utterly ignored, just as they have always been, in favor of us keeping the bulk of resources and then pretending we aren’t.

As summary, I offer a quotation from the award-winning philosopher Charles W. Mills:

When white people say ‘justice,’ they mean ‘just us.’

A lot of the group behavior of whites — regardless of a minority of white individuals who may not be courting ignorance with the same enthusiasm — reflects this not just in the voter suppression arena but also pretty much everywhere else.

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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