Thanks for this article. It locates the philosophical core of white supremacy accurately, at its core beliefs and motives: anti-Blackness is requisite to holding up whiteness.

It also mentions the fact that nonBlack POCS often allow themselves to be manipulated by this context, played like pawns in order to maintain this current power structure. For example, in the case of Asians and Ivy League schools, in which it is clear that Asians as a group perform at higher levels (on standardized tests, specifically invented about a century ago to keep only white people educated ) yet are sometimes rejected in favor of other, typically white candidates. In this case, the dictates of white supremacy--already deeply established in society--have resulted in the false belief that somehow affirmative action for Black people (c. 2-3%) is the cause of Asian deprivation. On the other hand, some Asians understand that this is likely the result of 'white affirmative action,' AKA donor admissions, which run at rates as high as 35% in some institutions (see Nicole Gon Ochi, for example).

White supremacy dictates that we, as Asians, DON'T notice the people in power--do NOT rock that boat, since they have the power--and DO notice the tiny trickle of AffAction which is presumptively supposed to compensate for hundreds of years of slavery. This is only one example of the way in which Asians may (or may not) participate in white supremacy and deliberate color blindness. Unfortunately, it's only one of many, many ways that not only Asians but also a wide range of nonBlack POCs are manipulated into supporting 'whiteness' and, if we aren't paying attention, will continue to do so.

I appreciate your insights.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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