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This certainly seems like backlash behavior.

I perceive this to be about economics. White people have been stealing from a wide range of POC worldwide, for approximately 500 years. In order to marry this extreme and egregious display of immorality with one’s own perception as ‘nice,’ they must lie to themselves. This lie is national, perpetuated through these history books which have, as their primary purpose, the protection of white people at all costs. Truth hardly seems relevant when the actual goal is to protect white people from admitting what they currently have which belongs to others.

Bringing the truth out will necessarily require whites to pay others back. As is plain, whites — conservative, liberal, progressive — are disinterested in moral responses to their 20 or so generations of dominance. They want to keep things that belong to others, thus they must AVOID any reminder that what they have isn’t really theirs. These children may come home feeling guilty about having other people’s things, and GUILT is something white people act as if they shouldn’t have to feel. I would ask: if you are in possession of other people’s things, shouldn’t you feel guilty?

Guilt is a healthy response to immoral behavior. Why shirk it? Guilt will allow whites to move to a place where they might consider the (im)morality of their ACTIVE ignorance, ie all these attempts NOT to see that they have other people’s things and those things need to be returned.

It seems that all these years of civil rights work has made little difference if ACTUAL equality hasn’t been achieved. White people should, at this juncture in history, get together and ask, first and foremost, how will we return the stuff we have that belongs to others? Not: How can we avoid the truth so that we can continue to exhibit the same immorality we have for half an era?

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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