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This list is much more extensive than Malkin.

One of the biggest problems in a society that has the sort of backwards extremism that Malkin exhibits is that it serves to make invisible toxic attitudes that are only slightly less toxic , but still appalling. People like Malkin promote a mythic backwards extremism — that is, one that would pull us backwards in history, a literal impossibility, at least with the knowledge of time that physics allows us at this point in history. This mythic superiority — one which harkens backwards in order to illustrate dominance, such as we see in “Make America Great Again” — is frequently employed by people in a society in which they no longer have real economic (or other) value to society AND cannot seem to adjust, accept this, and move forward. This lack of resilience is sad but allows the Malkins of the world to promote their own white supremacist agenda, and some are more subtle than Malkin but just as dangerous.

Malkin is so extreme that she pulls attention away from other extremists who are only slightly less extreme, and all of these need to be called out. The bar is so low at this point, that in order to create real changes, a significant portion of this group’s opinions — even with less extreme ones — should be called out routinely.

Malkin allows one group of people to believe they are superior despite the fact that, objectively, our current society applies little value to their skills or, for that matter, them. ANY attempts to harken to some previous era when things were supposedly better because the leaden foot of white supremacy was attached to one’s body is part and allowed one dominance without any actual achievement is part of the mythic behaviors in which humans participate in order to compensate for a lack of actual value in the current society. This is not to place blame but to indicate reality so that it is clear that these pundits and their routine racist ridiculosity only fosters this deceptive attitude.

Right now, the group of people to whom Malkin speaks need honesty, not a whole lot of mythic support that makes them believe they still get to wear a leaden foot and dominate as a result of its weight. At some point, this attitude will be so severed from actual reality that it will qualify as frankly psychotic.

Don’t these pundits care about that? Maybe this is what these people should be asking. Harkening back to the past can’t solve any problems; it can only elaborate one of the most egregious — if not the ultimate — in human history: white supremacy and the invention of ‘white’ as an economic and cultural cudgel.

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