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Graham showed his true colors overtly when, during the Kavanaugh trial, he stated “I know I’m a single white man from South Carolina and I’ve been told to shut up but I will not shut up.”

This perception of white men as victims immediately illustrates the degree to which men like Graham and Kavanaugh delude themselves. They perceive a woman revealing her experience of attempted rape as oppression of themselves, illustrating that they believe oppression of others SHOULD be the norm.

This stance — that white men are victims — illustrates their baseline beliefs and their fundamental fascism: that is, only complete dominance, as they’ve had for centuries, is acceptable. Even a tiny erosion of this absolute power merits immediate responses which frame them as victims.

ANY attempts at declaring equality will automatically be perceived as oppressive shows immediately that, to these men, oppression of others SHOULD BE THE NORM.

In order to try to understand this, I ask what Lindsey Graham would have if he were to give up the free ride of his white privilege. What, of value, is left?

It is impossible to know his actual motives. But, if one doesn’t have much left after giving away privilege, maybe that one positive item must be clung to vigorously.

What would be left of Graham if he didn’t have white privilege? From where I stand, not much at all.

No wonder he has to defend it so vigorously.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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