Thank you very much for this admission. I have had a number of white female friends over the years who impose significant barriers by claiming that race is over, therefore they have no advantage, or they grew up poor, etc etc. A long list of defensive maneuvers is often utilized which do not represent behaviors of true friendship.

It is very hard to admit that this sort of defensive posture cannot represent true friendship, but in order for black, brown, and indigenous people to gain real social value, the necessity of including only true friendship has become primary.

In the last five years, I and a number of my (nonwhite) friends have managed to discuss these issues with white women and, in all cases, have been met with a defensive posture. This has finally allowed some of us to admit that these white women cannot represent true friends when their actual priority, whether conscious or not, is to maintain their dominance.

I hope that non-white women will continue to have this courage, just as white women like you have the courage to admit privilege. There will be a continued growing rift until white women admit that, to some extent, they have picked up the supremacy baton and continued to run with it, at our definitive disadvantage.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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