Thank you so much for this great analysis!

I want to point out another way in which the white-dominated government maintains its white advantage: the continued rejection of a separate census category for Middle Eastern peoples. I note that you mention them, but on paper, ME peoples are forced to pick ‘white.’ Of course, this seems like a massive lie because the discrimination which ME peoples feel is extreme and overt.

Why would white people, as a group, that is the government, want to keep ME peoples officially ‘white’ when their treatment of ME peoples is in fact egregious and despicable? Why, white supremacy. They can continue to treat ME peoples in derogatory fashion while boosting their white numbers on paper.

More white supremacy.

The ME peoples I know deal with this dilemma by choosing ‘Asian’ because it’s the closest accurate option. Not accurate? Being in the same group as your oppressor: this is the one unacceptable option.

I have one question for white people as a group, but I have stopped asking it because the responses virtually always protect white supremacy: exactly how long do you think the coddling excuse of ‘white ignorance,’ or ‘we didn’t mean it, let’s look at intent’ going to work? It’s been generations of ‘white ignorance’ and continued white supremacy.

The notion that white people as a group are ‘ignorant’ is more coddling. It is helping them maintain this system by encouraging a ‘who, me?’ that is becoming more and more implausible as time passes.

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.