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Luckily for me, Derrick Bell opposed Ivy League cronyism and the closing of doors to women of color--and in particular black women--the same year that I was applying to graduate school. He eventually quit because Harvard refused to listen to him and continued their cronyist system of giving only each other these higher level positions.

I thought that, if this was happening at the level of these professors, then surely it infected every level of Ivy League experience. Despite being accepted to both Dartmouth and Brown, I chose Temple U. in Philadelphia because they were more forward-thinking about racial and ethnic matters.

As a nonblack POC, I've avoided these ivory tower facilities aggressively. I know people who, even as recently as a few years ago, dealt with virulent racism in these presumptively 'enlightened' institutions. Even places like Bryn Mawr, an all-female IL-level institution which prides itself on a long-standing history of equality and tolerance, refused to admit a virulent history of racism. As recently as 2017, avowedly liberal alumni were vigorously fighting to keep this history alive rather than remove the name of this racist from their library (M. Carey Thomas.)

Yes, I agree. An overhaul.

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