Thank you so much for these thoughts.

I actually think she is, in part, sincere. She admitted she’s scared of black men. The cultural gas-lighting and manipulation that white supremacy requires to sustain itself includes framing black men as dangerous, and this has obviously been effective.

As in this article, so has the perpetual need to humanize white women, regardless of their behaviors and what should be their own attention to a flawed psychology.

I agree. We humanize the cop who murdered Botham because, just like we are trained to think of black men as dangerous, we are trained to think of white women as vulnerable and ultra-worthy of protection (in this case, in the form of humanization.) At the core of all of this is the binary of white-black which pulls favoritism towards whites in a shockingly uniform pattern and which exposes our institutionalized white supremacy starkly.

Because her humanization distracts from the actual event (murder, not to mention a number of racist comments) in the interest of white woman protection, it also fails to acknowledge that black bodies deserve the same attention to justice as does a white one. Again.

Frankly, I was shocked she got the mere 10 years that she did get. The fact that she shows up to the world as ‘white woman’ nearly guarantees her absolution. I expected her to be ‘absolved’ as have been a number of white male policemen who routinely murder black men and get away with it without doing a minute of time.

It is the responsibility of white people to get together and ask why this keeps happening.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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