Thank you for your response.

I think the tolerance for these changes has already been gifted to many white people by POC. My own experience is that I’ve waited for people to redefine themselves as you describe and to come up with solutions for the problems their ancestors created. Most of the time, white people don’t even listen. When they do — at least in my experience — they conveniently forget. I know none making an actual effort to acknowledge their unfair advantage and alter this reality.

With all due respect, I believe your stance declines to acknowledge the extent of power that white people have, and the fact that even the some of them acknowledge consciously that there may be a problem, don’t do anything real about it. If we saw real changes, none of the repetition about ‘whiteness’ would be necessary. But surely if a group cannot see how they STILL SIGNIFICANTLY BENEFIT AT THE EXPENSE OF ALL POC, then how can eliminating whiteness fix the problem? The problem hasn’t been fixed if white people don’t acknowledge that much of what they have couldn’t possibly be theirs.

First, we have to see that the core beliefs of ‘equality’ are considered, which to many POC, they are not. So, for someone like me, having tried to understand for years and been faced with only ignorance and desperate attempts to refuse to acknowledge reality, yes, there is some blame. I don’t know white people who are taking responsibility for their unearned advantages, which they continue to accrue by lying to themselves. This is active behavior of white people currently alive as a group, regardless of who did or didn’t establish white supremacy and when it was established.

It isn’t the responsibility of the people who are victims to understand the perpetrator; we shouldn’t have to do all that work. White people, no matter how they feel as individuals, are perpetuating white dominance by pretending it doesn’t exist. Making this even more true won’t change reality — it will simply get white people, as a group, off the hook. Currently, white people are avoiding admission of their unjust enrichment by pretending whiteness doesn’t exist. How can eliminating it possibly fix this problem?

The central problems are central to the original beliefs, none of which included people of color and thus all of which efface their own existence due to the very deceptive nature of their existence. I would summarize the big ones as:

1. Merit: White people still believe they ‘earned’ what they have, despite the fact that they are embedded in a society that gives them rewards while taking it from others. When white people can admit this — the first pragmatic step would be reparations — then we might be able to establish a real system of merit. Would white people accept that an increasingly high performing group of POC’s are doing most things better than they are, and thus return things (including promotions awards etc), or will they employ the same self-deceptive psychosis and claim that they ‘earned it?’

As long as the latter is chosen, we still have a white supremacy problem. Merit cannot apply to a group of people that effaces everybody else’s higher performance to continue to enrich themselves.

2. ‘Liberty:’ Most white people, and certainly as a group, believe that ‘liberty’ exists, yet it really only exists for white people. The rest of us are part of a damaging white polity that deflates and demeans our ‘equality’ while ultimately allowing more ‘freedom’ for white people. This isn’t freedom. It’s white supremacy. Are the bulk of white people willing to admit that their idea of ‘freedom’ is a form of unjust enrichment?

Regardless of blame or shame on the part of POC (who are frankly tired of doing all the work), it is the responsibility of white people to ask about the above, and then to respond appropriately rather than continue to support these false beliefs which allow a financial/economic advantage.

In the larger picture, we should expect to see assets go from white people to others: financial assets, whether it is through taxation, shifting them from ‘nice’ neighborhoods and POC in to these neighborhoods, etc. Do you think white people, as a group, are willing to give up power which comes from lies meant to enrich them through financial means? They must first admit they have other people’s things before they will give them back, and as a group, white people aren’t even admitting they have others’ things.

Until, as a group, they are willing to do this, nothing will change. If you are sincere about this, I would discuss with white people: what can we do to reverse the appalling situation in which our ancestors have put so many other human beings in order to enrich us unfairly? Are we ready to give these things back?? Or will we continue to pretend that this system is fair just because it allows us a break that others don’t get?

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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