Thank you for your empathy!

I am a mixed race first generation female, not black; thus, I can't speak directly for the appalling experiences that black people are forced to tolerate in the US and worldwide.

However, I have witnessed racism and exhibitions of dominance. The real changes won't happen until money and power moves at higher level places.

This means that white people need to start promoting POC's to places of power instead of constantly defending their majority. This means POC's as president, on the board of directors, and in executive positions. It means that white women don't participate automatically in the profound extrinsic racial advantage they have in the publishing world, because this stomps all over POC voices so they aren't heard. If this means the white person doesn't get the promotion, it should be viewed as a step towards collective humanity.

The bottom line is positions of power. People naturally defend their 'own.' Once POCs--especially black people--have a voice and power, these events are much less likely to happen. The power that POC"s have will ameliorate the tremendous disproportionate power that white people have collectively, and they will step back instead of attacking.

This means NOT automatically taking the promotion, award, publication, position on the Board, etc when it plops into a white lap automatically. Don't assume earning. Assume privilege and cede it to an actual perfoming POC.

Here is a white woman who admitted she gets what she gets primarily because she is white, and who did something about it:

Thanks again for your empathy! You seem like someone who can follow it with action. I perceive Marley K. as saying, "stop talking," but I assume she wants white people to do something IF it will help. This may mean white people may have to give something 'up.' POC"s often think of that as giving it back, after our centuries long deprivation of not getting it when earned, and in particular for black peoples.

Silence is fine. Action is what is needed.

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