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White supremacy is much more palatable — even attractive — to white liberals than they care to admit to themselves, generally speaking. The advantage that confers, effortlessly and permanently, to being white in a long-standing white supremacist world is so large that, at some level, it must be perceived as just too much to give up.

This is negotiated at a personal level as intolerable by liberals, whose conflict between keeping this significant advantage and doing the right thing is intense enough that, at some level, they choose to maintain that power and keep the advantage, but lie to themselves. Ultimately, because their internal ego is set at ‘nice’ and ‘moral’ while simultaneously making immoral choices — the fundamentally white supremacist choice — they MUST lie to themselves to maintain the elevated sense of dignity (over more honest white supremacists) which they’ve granted themselves (again, for no apparent intrinsic accomplishment; in this case, for example, authentic insight is traded for self-deception to maintain their narcissistic ‘nice.’)

This choice, known as white ‘ignorance,’ is a deliberate choice: it is a choice to keep that tremendous power — one which consistently takes things from others, and in particular Black peoples — AND simultaneously not admit to oneself the profound immorality of that decision. It is a have-your-cake-and-eat-it- too attitude that characterizes immaturity. The honest white supremacist is much like a 6 year old who bullied the rest of the class out of the sandbox and now asserts that it is really his because he is already there, and everybody else is only trying to get back in to his space (which he stole). But the white liberal is more dangerous, standing at the edges of that sandbox with a big ‘come right in’ sign while making sure the entrance only stays open for other white people by allowing the advantages to continue.

White ‘ignorance’ is a CHOICE that liberal white people make: it is a choice to keep advantages which damage others while pretending those advantages — again, ones which POC’s are subsequently denied to some and often significant extent — while also perceiving oneself as nice.

There is neither true ignorance nor ‘nice’ here. As Tommy Curry has said in one of his interviews, this view of white liberals as ‘cherubic’ and ‘innocent’ is a distortion of reality and history, and a way in which white liberals shirk their own responsibilities.

White liberals embody the same core fundamental Macchiavellianism of white supremacy as do their overtly racist partners: deception. Except, in the case of white liberals, they even deceive themselves. Is this supposed to be an improvement, an extra layer of deception where there has already been — -and still is — so much of it at the hands of white supremacy?!

Thank you again for putting these thoughts out.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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