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I think POCs (not black, like me) often miss the fact that white supremacy is fundamentally anti-black as a philosophy, which is why we see this expressed in so many ways in our society. Thus, there is POC discrimination of many types but there is also specifically anti-blackness reproduced in order to maintain white majorities at higher levels.

I think the discussion of higher-level representation often is missed (gov't, executive corp, etc), and I'm glad you point it out. I am not suggesting a defense of capitalism, only that when anti-racism is considered, so should be areas where power are negotiated.

I suggest, after working in corporations for decades, that white people actively question their merit each time they 'win' something. My experience is that there are often several POC's performing a a higher level but due to the fact that mostly white people work AT HIGHER LEVELS, POC"s hit this 'chlorine ceiling.' It often seems that any white promotion is preferable to a clearly higher performing POC.

If white people would assume privilege rather than merit and then act on it (ie, don't accept the promotion if you're surrounded by POC's doing better) then we would see changes at higher levels more quickly because these POC's would now have the power to make these changes in the larger society.

Adele questioned her Grammy win, noting that white people always give awards to other white people while sidelining actual quality. She assumed privilege, not merit.

Why can't all white people take this tack? You're permanently, automatically privileged as a white person; this should be the default thought process, NOT 'merit.'

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