Thank you for pointing to the worldwide nature of white supremacy, the true extent to which it contaminates the rest of the human race worldwide (approx 90% of the human population).

You point out a fact that is not frequently discussed: white supremacy is a worldwide movement which started as a consolidation of European power against all other ‘dark’ continents. Before bringing Africans to the US to be slaves, Europeans traipsed about the planet and formally declared — through manipulative conclusions in science, anthropology, social sciences, philosophy, etc — that all others were inferior to them.

This has set the stage for the egregious system of TransAtlantic slavery — a unique form of slavery due to the unique circumstances of global movement and due to the requirement to invent race. And also for the very real discrimination that continues against blacks, the genocide and continued hoarding of land from North American indigenous peoples — and that is only on this continent. The consolidation of power has been used to murder millions of Vietnamese, Koreans, and Iraqis — and that is only in the last 75 or so years. People of color have been tossed into cages, received deep body checks in airports while they watch European immigrants walk by unchecked, and been subject to a wide range of deeply disturbing white supremacist behaviors that span 500 years or so worldwide.

White supremacy is a newfound, noxious form of fascism that is global and international — this makes it different from any other form of fascism previously — all of which have some degree of local limitation, even in cases where the boundary is somewhat breached. In addition, it is a pure invention: invented purely for socioeconomic reasons, essentially to elevate working class Europeans above blacks and, to some extent, all POC REGARDLESS OF PERFORMANCE OR CONTRIBUTION. Thus, those working class people — the peasants of Europe now PERMANENTLY ELEVATED above others on the basis of a completely free, immutable trait — essentially enjoy a social level higher than they might elsewhere, and which requires a relative (to POC) minimum of effort. Based primarily on keeping blacks, and to some extent others, under their feet.

There’s nothing new about the psychological shenanigans of white people, in particular liberal ones who aren’t even managing the honesty that overt white supremacists are displaying. It is all a massive cognitive delusion required by a population which wants to keep its power but also feel, psychologically, that they are doing the right thing. Since they aren’t doing the right thing, they must lie to themselves.

I recommend: Charles Mills, philosopher:

Until true policy changes shift money from whites, as a group, to people of color, changes will not happen. Money confers power; thus, to truly transfer power, money (policy changes, etc) are integral. Of course, this is what whites will not give up — and what liberal whites replace, instead of honest, hard work, with a distorted and ultimately dangerous delusion about how ‘nice’ they are.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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