Thank you for having the courage to write this.

The next step is: are white people willing to include Black people and others of color into places of power in a meaningful way? Will they alter their substantial majority, gained through unjust enrichment and what is often very obvious subpar performance?

Until the bottom line is discussed, there is really no discussion being had. The reality at higher levels must be revealed. Carrying a sign seems to be the limits for most white people who call themselves ‘liberal.’ When the rubber hits the road, will these liberals be able to tell their best friend that a higher-performing Black person will get the promotion instead of them, or will it be business as usual while they boost each other, thus promoting mediocrity once again and simultaneously supporting their own belief that they aren’t the racist ones?

Ultimately, anti-racist action means moving power and money away from the dominant group which continues to show, in the aggregate, a deep-seated inability to handle it with moral action.

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