Thank you...excellent.

I cannot speak for the trans community, but as general commentary on the way in which power is negotiated, this essay is excellent

By definition, 'neutral' on a social basis favors the dominant group, whatever that group may be in any particular context. That is why 'neutral' is not a useful concept in any arena in which power is disseminated unfairly.

Yes, neutrality = favoritism to the dominant. Because all people are conditioned to believe the importance of the dominant view, this is most often subconsciously perceived as superior.

In the context of race, for example, your argument may counter that of conservatives that race should be eliminated in consideration of healthcare statistics because economics is what 'matters.' A closer look at this assertion shows that, in the context of vast disparities which exist vis a vis white and black peoples in health care, if these disparities are ignored then they will not be addressed. In this context, by ignoring race, we deny that disparity exists independent of economics and which has to do with race only.

A 'blind' argument ALWAYS favors the powerful, regardless of specific identity, class level, etc.

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