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Self-Care for BIWOCS: Avoid (White Women) Writing Workshops

A Response to Other Frustrated BIWOCs Tired of Being Scolded by White Women

Don’t attend workshops with white women if you are not white and believe you are human. White women believe they OWN these spaces and will repel any reminder, in our stories, of her profound extrinsic privileging. She will repeatedly refuse COLLECTIVE realities because she is a ‘victim’ on a personal level, but once her massive COLLECTIVE PRIVILEGE is exposed, she must perceive herself accurately: as part of the WHITE group that oppresses all other BIPOCs. She refuses this while whining about how men won’t shoulder gender responsibility, overt hypocrisy.

After my writing was demolished in white workshop after white workshop, I realized a few themes:

1. White women will NOT discuss COLLECTIVE realities UNLESS they are about feminism.

RULE #1: WHITE WOMEN MUST ALWAYS BE VICTIMS. She will tolerate stories about cultural foods, for example, but NOT about the way she is coddled and bottled in the suburbs of the US because 500,000 Iraqi childrens’ genocide was ‘worth it.’ She will not accept that Madeleine Albright, for example, is a white feminist war criminal, and pretending otherwise denies that white women benefit from the murder of Brown and Black children. She deludes otherwise so that she cannot see this profound collective amorality.

White women will engage in ANY degree of reality distortion — all the way to psychoses — to make sure SHE IS ALWAYS THE VICTIM. That scrimmage line will not be crossed: if white women f***ed you at the collective level, you had better not write about it. SHE IS ONLY A VICTIM. This is the sort of psychoses to which we are subjected.

2. White women EQUIVOCATE: they refuse to see themselves as DIFFERENT due to their whiteness, and that this difference results in EXTRINSIC FAVORITISM for her. She refuses to see that her privilege is NOT MERIT, and that when she allows equivocation, she refuses to see our reality. BIWOCS are DEPRIVED, worldwide, to allow white women the comfort they receive at the GROUP level, globally. White women are favored EVERYWHERE on planet Earth. That’s not MERIT: it’s spoon-fed.

When stories expose this, rather than shouldering responsibility and admitting her privilege, she becomes defensive and fragile, as you’ve noticed. THEN, she EQUIVOCATES. Note how eagerly she ERASES our oppression so that she doesn’t have to see her free ride.

This won’t end because white women persist, as individuals, in refusing to see the COLLECTIVE behavior that privileges her by depriving us and because, after she refuses to see reality, she can then EQUIVOCATE, and somehow pretend that her unjust/unmeritorious ENRICHMMENT is the same as our resulting unjust DEPRIVATION.

I now only read with other people of color, though I am open to any white people willing to ACCEPT our stories EVEN when they expose white privilege. That means white women cannot persist in their fantasy of ‘victimization’ when Brown and/or Black people are writing about AUTHENTIC reality which exposes the silver spoons in those mouths.

ANY perusal of American society indicates that white women, as a group, are NOT willing to shoulder moral responsibility. As a result, they continue to kick us in the face and tell us to shut up in these workshops unless we participate in their fantastical psychoses of ‘individuality’ and ‘equality,’ which only white people get.



She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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Mia George

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.