Racism doesn't go away because people have a degree or are further educated. It is certainly an advantage to look at that aspect, but it doesn't change the reality that race and ethnicity are PERMANENT, so the experience of denigration does not disappear when the degrees arrive.

This is a common white misconception. White people, when they struggle, tend to struggle with the economic aspect. Thus, when it goes away--ie, they make money--so does the poverty. This is really nice for white people--that what denigrates them is temporary and can be completely changed and reversed--ie, a poor white person can become very rich--but it NEVER happens to POCs.

Our experience of denigration doesn't go away just because we get degrees or make money. Asking 'why' the POC is 'still complaining'--as I've heard from white people before--has no place in any conversation, because it should be OBVIOUS: a racial or ethnic social disadvantage is PERMANENT, regardless of money. That was--and is--the whole point of white supremacy as a tactical, conquest-oriented form of fascism: it PERMANENTLY privileges one group while PERMANENTLY oppressing the others, because the trait chosen to separate c. 10% of the human race from the other 90% (POC) was a deliberate tactical maneuver to create permanent 'superiority' even in contexts in which inferior performance was obvious. From the standpoint of inventing race, then, Black intellectuals who would have ended up on top socially in any socioeconomic context ended up OWNED--slaves--while working class white people destined to be at the bottom of any other society ended up ABOVE those intellectual Black people (and others of color).

This distortion still exists in the minds of white people: that somehow when POCs achieve, they are the exception, or are somehow different from white people when achieving.

Our experience of these higher levels doesn't improve our perception, even when we think it will, because a lot of effort is made at those levels--some of it unconscious, due to c 500 years of training--to remind POCs that they are ONLY THE EXCEPTION. This strongly implies that the 'norm' is to expect white people at the top and when POCs are there, it is because they are somehow different from others of color.

The obvious condescension in this assumption should be embarrassingly clear to any higher level white person who hears it. Yet, they don't WANT to hear it.

The bottom line is that white people defend their dominant majority as a matter of herd psychology. Ask yourself: do you think POCs at higher levels represent exceptions, or are they the rule, and the one person who FINALLY got opportunity?

I believe the latter. What I am saying is that, in order to give the rest of the POCs opportunity which most haven't gotten, the white population also needs to accept that, when you see POCs at the top, it isn't a matter of exceptional on their part; it is a matter of oppression of the others who haven't gotten that opportunity. Our discrimination doesn't go away once we achieve--despite the fact that when white people achieve, they are no longer poor. WE ARE NEVER ABLE TO RID OURSELVES OF THE SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES OF BEING NOT WHITE, regardless of eliminating poverty.

White people at the top is the original 500 year manipulation of white supremacy. That is the backdrop that must be altered in order to allow true representation for performers. There should be NO majority at levels where decisions are made; this will balance power, and the human need to grab it all up as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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