People who use their power against others just because they can should all be classified as dangerous at some level. White women have power that ALL people of color do not have; the use of their gender as a temporizing measure in order to be perceived as a victim is a manipulative tack which as you’ve pointed out, has been especially deleterious to black men.

I am surprised at the number of men of color who have responded to Amy Cooper’s ‘public shaming’ as if she is the victim, as if the fact that her egregious behavior was publicized is somehow equivalent to her direct statement which harkens back to people like Bryant and Till, and actual murders. This is framed as ‘sympathy for the shamed victim,’ as if we’ve somehow put racism behind us completely and now must draw an equivalence between these people.

Racism still exists. There is no equivalence, because A. Cooper has significantly more institutionalized power than a black man, and we’re all embedded in that institutionalization. I’ve read a number of articles about A. Cooper’s alleged innocence, but what surprises me is the three I read this morning written by men of color, who compare the two people as if the last 500 years on planet Earth never happened.

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