People of color, in particular Black people, have had their resources poached for the last 500 years so that white people could benefit unjustly.

As a result, white people have other people's resources. That's the bottom line on the last disastrous 500 years on planet Earth, a period which illustrated an unprecedented degree of moral deterioration as evidenced by widespread, worldwide thievery on the part of Europeans.

Whether or not you feel guilty is of no relevance to people who want our stuff back. We want our stuff back, and at some point, we need to get it.

Whether you have the moral capacity to feel guilt or are simply focused on making sure you deceive yourself about 'merit' or 'earning' things --when we know white people have stolen those things--is of no relevance. Dance a merry jig around a rainbow or feel guilty: the bottom line hasn't changed. White people, collectively, have other people's stuff. If they can't find the moral integrity to return it, at some point, POCs will have to find the strength to take our stuff back.

Eventually, people of color will have to get our stuff back, regardless of the amorality of the population which has the stolen stuff.

Written by

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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