Out of the c. 7.6 billion people on this Earth, 8 men own about 50% of the entire wealth. Of these eight, 75% are white, and two are not: Helu and Ortega. As a microcosm of the world's current descent into the maelstrom, what could be more appropriately representative?

Clearly, the wealth needs to be redistributed. Note that, in this representative sample, we have racial, gender, and economic elements, all of which illustrate exactly where money is right now.

Some of this may have changed somewhat due to shifts in the stock market, since these men depend critically on the stock market (ie, capitalism) to maintain their wealth. But the general principle remains: white men have the money, so they have the power. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that their exhibition of power is paired with the profound deterioration of human morality that has unfolded, worldwide, in the last 500 years.

Why would you continue to be in charge of things when, clearly, you seem to be doing such a horrendous job?? This illustrates the significant damage inflicted upon the human brain when it takes on power. POWER CANNOT BE CONCENTRATED IN THE HUMAN RACE. Humans have proven repeatedly that they are unable to handle power in the context of morality.

This whiny display is nothing short of embarrassing, and illustrates the degree to which the human brain is warped by power:

For reference, a man with 7 billion dollars in assets, an amount too small for Gates, makes 7 million dollars a year on interest alone even when the interest rate is rock bottom at 1%, just for sitting on his a**. Note that, even if he had no pulse and was dead, he would STILL be making this amount: is this earning??

This free 7 million per year made on the interest ALONE is still not enough for him. This man started out as intelligent. What happened to his brain???

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