Our system has grossly underestimated the strain under which the health system was already operating. Doctors have been leaving the profession for a multitude of other jobs, sometimes with lower pay, to avoid the onerous daily realities of a corporate-oriented system which takes hard-earned money from front-liners and hands it to administrators sitting in C suites talking about things with which they never have any intimate or direct contact. Doctors who are burned out but who can obtain one of these administrative jobs — which pulls them off the onerous front-lines which ALREADY existed — are quickly going for this relief.

Administrators have been pigging out on the money of front-line workers for years. This backdrop — of an already-disastrous system in which doctors have been clearly frustrated — has created a fundamental weakness in the system. Doctors — in particular in front line positions like ER medicine and the general practititioners who have been cheated of proper payment for decades — have started to leave the profession for greener pastures. IN some cases, faced with six-figure loans (there’s no bankrupcy option for student loans), an onerous job which was not depicted accurately in medical school, and continued poaching by greedy administrators, doctors are simply committing suicide as their only ‘out;’ the suicide rate for doctors exceeds the general population from a percentage standpoint.

Will administrators with BA’s in business come down from their C s suite come down to do the work?!

When this country experiences the significant shortage of healthcare workers which is about to be revealed, these facts should be revealed also: why did these corporations create such an onerous system, one in which their administrative LACK of education, hard work, and actual front line contribution merits the $$ reward that the actual worker is earning??

This is yet another corporate disaster: what happens when we, as a society, allow small-minded, money-oriented business people run healthcare when doctors, nurses, and other front liners should have been doing it all along.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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