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I've worked in corporate settings for decades and have repeatedly suggested that HR departments disrupt their default tendencies to hire white people automatically and to stop discriminating against POC's, in particular Black people (they seem not to know who Native Indigenous Americans are, with the exception of Chief Wahoo, another embarrassment.)

I have told them that proportion MUST change at higher levels of representation; that is, 3/10 is greater than 5/100 when it comes to representation.

This is the point at which they become uncomfortable. THEY DO NOT WANT THEIR MAJORITY ALTERED, no matter how many marches they go to. This must be negotiated at a subconscious level at which the human negotiates power.

The exact item that Black people and others of color need is simply not being dealt with accurately. They can make their signs and march until the cows come home, but if they keep handing each other promotions on the basis of defending this majority, nothing will change.

Either the demographic shifts adequately--in which case they will be automatically minorities--or each white person asks about his/her/their own privilege during these important junctures: did I earn my promotion, raise, award, etc--or is this the fancy psychological deceptive way that my brain decides I am a leader even in the face of absent leadership traits?

Individual white people are still giving themselves too much credit in these settings. They should assume privilege, not merit, at each juncture. This isn't happening yet--and may never--based on my experience.

This work will require that each white person question merit and assume privilege.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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