Nazi Germany is folded into white supremacy: if you take a look at the propaganda they used, it reflects highly racialized lies in order to buttress its anti-Semitism. That is, Jewish people were cast as inferior not just because they were Jewish but also because they were 'not white.'

Hitler relied very heavily on American eugenicists like Madison Grant in order to come up with his toxic theories. If you have read Mein Kampf--and it sounds to me like reading isn't at the top of your priority list--you can see how Hitler forms his theories in the 1920's by using American and British racists and their beliefs.

This is because Nazi Germany arose as part of the hundreds of years of white supremacy that preceded it.

Do you really believe that all of these events exist as part of a vacuum?! They are part and parcel of the mess instigated c 1500 by Europe 'colonizing' that is stealing from--the rest of the world. That rest of the world is 90% of the human race. Europeans and their American descendants are only 10% of the human race even though they seem to think of themselves as much more.

All of these events are part of white supremacy. White people, collectively, still have other people's resources.

Those will need to be returned. If they aren't, a changing demographic will force it. You've probably already noticed that POC's--unless they are these groveling brown men begging for white women--are drifting away from society's belief that white people are superior.

As I have ancestors who are victims of the Nazis, I more than welcome further discussion about white supremacy and the way in which you engage in the self-deception that minimized it.

White supremacy is a global movement, still very active, in which the resources of 90% have been stolen by 10%. You can blab on and on about

'Black on Black' crime, but in the final analysis, those resources will have to be returned to us.

Written by

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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