My point is that white women, collectively, are already acting like this.

I have found this to be especially well-illustrated in the one industry dominated by white women at higher (managerial and executive) levels: publishing and writing, as well as education (MFA programs.)

In this world, you see a dominance of white women — they outstrip white men in power positions — and you see exactly the same behaviors as white men have exhibited for centuries BUT WITH THE DEFENSE MECHANISM, WHEN CONFRONTED, OF ‘I’M A WOMAN AND THEREFORE A VICTIM.’

White women promoting each other and, perhaps more importantly, white women publishing what is relevant to them, what they’d like to read. Because these books are often devoid of social/political backdrop, they fail as miserably for POC as white men’s books. These books, no matter how well written, rarely place their white female characters in the onerous contexts in which POC and WOC must deal on a minute to minute basis — literally awash in white supremacy. Thus, they focus almost exclusively on white women concerns and shirk any real depiction of the backdrop that contains such ugliness for the rest of us. As a result, we have a glut of books — many of them memoirs — in which we read about the same ‘disaster’ of oppression that white women deal with: irritating husbands, teenage sons smoking pot, and of course other significant challenges like having to scrub before you can wipe the dried pimple snot off your teenage daughter’s mirror.

I am digressing, but my point is that white supremacy is STILL white supremacy if white people are the only ones in charge. White women have started to replace white men in these power positions because white women are grossly and minutely overprivileged compared to POC.

The problem comes for them when they claim victimhood but in fact are behaving in the same ways as the dominant. It is critical to note that they dominate in publishing: this guarantees, once again, that only white voices are heard and read, and POC and especially WOC, subordinated again.

Our POC/WOC subordination depends at least in part on white women lacking the courage to frame themselves as oppressors when this is the actual behavior (cogent in the world of publishing.) So, they seem to be hypocrites, requesting equality from men while ignoring their dominance over POC/WOC.

I personally believe that most humans will abuse power if they aren’t attentive to it. The fact of the matter is that whites have most of the power, so the responsibility for paying attention to their potential for abuse is higher simply based on the fact that they get more power. They should be continually aware of this, especially if they have a history of their own subordination. Most white women aren’t doing this; they are accepting rewards through the same system of denial that white men have utilized for hundreds of years.

Claims of victimhood only buttress white supremacy in the case of white women. Their behavior approaches that of white men, and we can only hope that, as a group, they don’t participate in the same long-standing ignorance.

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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