Ms. Katy,

That simply isn’t an accurate stance.

No matter how you feel about those particular individual conservative white people, white women have advantages that no other women have at a collective social level. This is not just a result of the kind of individual favoritism that typically conservative white people (but also liberal white people) give each other — which they do, all the time — it is also the institutionalized, collective privilege that allows advantages to be given to white people, usually at the expense of people of color.

Your individual opinions don’t alter the fact that you have white privilege if you are white. If you are white, you have social advantage.

Studies show that, when white people are faced with their privilege, they simply deny personal individual advantage. This obvious form of denial and self-deception prevents us a society from moving forward, because if white people are vigorously denying their massive advantages, then it seems as if our disadvantages don’t exist.

Once again, POC disadvantages exist, often as a result of white people privileging themselves. In order for our society to defeat the fascist establishment of white supremacy, white people must find the courage to admit that, no matter what they feel personally, THEY ARE AT A CONSTANT RACIAL ADVANTAGE WHICH OFTEN COMPROMISES EQUALITY FOR ALL OTHERS.

Here is the study showing the very strong tendency for white people to not see their obvious white advantage (also known as ‘psychosis’):

The above study seems to explain the distortion in your stance.

Kindly acknowledge your white privilege, whether or not individual conservative white people are rude, since their behavior doesn’t alter your social privilege.

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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