MR. Preskar,

I wonder about the motive for your extreme renderings of certain societies in which it seems as if you divide people into 'GOOD' and 'BAD' in a sort of childish fairy tale manner. There's absolutely no complexity here.

Typically, this sort of extreme mythic simplicity, when it makes one group look really 'BAD,' exists to imply that there is a contrasting 'GOOD' group.

What I hear in this essay is "let's make one group look REALLY bad, worse than anybody else, because in contrast...."

Exactly who are you implying are the really 'GOOD' people? Any story that simplifies to this 'evil stepmother' extent MUST have a contrasting GOOD in which EVERY member is a victim embodying perfection.

Who is this group exactly? Who are we meant to believe are the ultimate GOOD people if Assyrians are so BAD?

I could provide you with some stories of Iraqis at the hands of Western domination that would easily rival these incidents, that happened in the last few decades ---not ERAS ago--and which are being silenced by Western GOOD people.

Do you want to hear about these? Or would they conflict with your idea of who is and isn't 'GOOD'?

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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