Mr. Byrd,

Thank you for the whole ‘thing!’

To be clear here, I used the phrase “holding back”, and I turned that phrase purposely as to state plainly that “avoiding” taking roles in favor of ensuring other get the role instead necessarily assumes (as the author did) that white people FEEL they will have to compress their natural talents.

I did perceive this as your message (as deliberate turn of phrase) on your part, and I agree with your point.

Maybe I should clarify my central idea, which I meant in the above particular context as a comment on psychology. Generally, I meant to convey that an economy of psychological thought also sustains white supremacy by making covert assumptions that POC’s need to be coddled. This is an inappropriate framing of reality, if both history and current events are taken into account, since the actual problem is not that whites need to ‘hold back’ and give POC need a handout, but that they should simply work on removing the barriers — only one of which is in-group favoritism. Although you may be using it as a form of irony, my point is that many people — in my experience, mostly white — do not — they actually believe they are giving something away to POC.

I receive this as a long-standing psychology required to sustain white supremacy, especially for people who cannot sustain it overtly due to internal conflict. People do not simply hand away their power. White supremacists state openly that of course they want to keep the power that privileges them, regardless of who is damaged by it. ‘Nice’ white people, frequently self-described as liberals, cannot because it comes into conflict with their perception of themselves as ‘nice’ anti-racists. Therefore, this economy of thought goes ‘underground,’ and becomes unconscious, but the drive remains: it is a central human drive — maintain my power. This comes into conflict with other central drives such as empathy and kindness.

This conflict creates a context in which ‘nice’ white liberals often want to help POC and are truly sincere about it, yet they ‘give away’ the long-standing belief that whites are better, one which has been embedded for centuries, through these thought processes which serve to protect that investment.

This is long-winded but my point is that unless the psychology is addressed, we are not addressing the root cause. Whites, as a group, still believe that they are intrinsically superior. They convey this with sub-conscious statements which show that, no matter how sincere they are consciously, an economy of psychology exists to protect the ego, and that presents as subconscious statements and attitudes (which are often obvious to POC through certain words and actions) which remind POC they need whites in order to succeed….Again, not attributing conscious intent, but the impact to me as POC.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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