Men like George Will make the unfortunate assumption that the massive blob of privilege that attends them everywhere is a product of their internal performance.

This is usually grossly inaccurate: White men, especially middle to upper class ones, have so much privilege in every arena that it's hard to know how they manage to find a needle of actual merit in that pile of gifting.

Why would ANYBODY who has 90+% of society's extrinsic gifting processing EVER defer to 'merit' or 'accomplishment'?

We know we have arrived when White pp find the courage to call their massive blob of freeloading what it is, rather than giving themselves much more benefit of the doubt and calling it 'merit.'

Men like George Will won't be able to be arrogant forever, because their psychotic delusion of performance is being called out as the fat, free ride it really is.

Until then, can't he just shut up? There's nothing to be proud of when everything you have--including your fame--is gained at the expense of others.

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