Maybe there is a component of that.

But too many white women are calling this as if they want to avoid the issue. The issue is that white women have a massive extrinsic advantage that they use against others by leveraging their alleged victimhood.

I saw a brief discussion on a talk show a few days ago. The white women insisted that 'all women get together instead of harming each other.' She failed to acknowledge that white women have been harming other women for as long as white supremacy has existed. Why is she suddenly talking about this now? Because the Karen meme has forced it: she now has to ask (or should) why she continues to discuss only her victimization when her PRIVILEGE has just been underlined. Note that she is very quick to call out male gender privilege but sticks her own behind her back and whines again about 'how ALL women should get together.'

The Black woman made a good point: she is BOTH female and not white, so of course she knows what BOTH types of oppression feels like, and she is saying that women of color will NOT participate in subordinating ourselves JUST to 'be unified.'

What white women don't see is that their idea of 'being unified' is often a situation which subordinates us. They seem to employ massive amounts of energy NOT seeing their huge racial advantage and then blame white men for doing it!

I've spent about 40 years explaining to white women why subordinating our significant issues to their ONE issue is never going to foster equality, and the ones I know persistently refuse to see their blob of advantage, instead always centering their disadvantage and whining.

Why, EVER, would you question the opinion of another woman who has BOTH your disadvantage plus another which we often deem a BIGGER problem?!

Thus, I feel like I have spent about half a century being reasonable, and that white women are deliberately NOT listening while whinging about their disadvantages and blaming white men for doing exactly what they are doing to ALL people of color of any gender.

At which point, after being ignored in response to sincere attempts, do you think it is appropriate to use other methods to puncture the armor of this high-grade self-deception? I've already spent half a century; as far as I'm concerned, as much satire and flippancy as needed to get attention. White women, as a collective, are still NOT listening. They don't deserve our support while facing ALL men when their whiteness damages the brown and black men in our lives. There’s no ‘getting together’ for us if white women think they will be prioritized over ANY person of color, including nonwhite men. White women will have to deal with this: is their gender issue really larger than the racial issues that men of color have? The answer is a resounding no.

Here's what I suggest: white women stop leveraging their power against ALL people of color, and then we won't have to make fun of them. Had they listened for the last few centuries instead of whinging and damaging everybody else, none of this would be needed at all.

Here is my suggestion to white women: center your white privilege when discussing privilege around women of color, NOT gender or economics. WOCs are already women; if we are choosing to prioritize white privilege, the white woman should respect our common gender and assume the priority is race, and replace her whine with a quiet listen and a genuine acceptance of her unearned advantage. She should have the courage to see herself as similar to white men in this regard, and take the responsibility she’s asking them to take. Thus far, most white women aren’t.

If she can't find that moral courage, expect other tacks to be used to help foster her out of ignorance. What choice do we have at this point? The onus shouldn’t be on the oppressed to explain to the oppressor why his/her free ride damages the rest of us, especially if she can easily see how it’s done to her.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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