Jordan Peterson acts like a whiny child, typical of a spoiled and privileged human being unwilling to give up unearned privilege and willing to execute any degree of deception to support privilege by denying it is there.

All of these methods will be attempted because the goal is to maintain power in the same hands. Why would any platform he invents be any different? He’s a white man who has benefited from being both white and male, and is doing everything he can to defend his privilege. Of course he is going to attract the same people who seem unable to compete without the benefit of two unearned traits. The ones who are able to compete on an intrinsic basis don’t need white supremacy.

The fact that so many adhere to his writing, etc only emphasizes the degree of power that white supremacy has conferred: the degree to which white men have arranged things so that a minimum of effort will result in a maximum of return for them. Now, they have scant idea how to deal with a world in which other people are also allowed to be people: only white men have really been given ‘human’ status for the last 500 years, and everybody else has to compensate with real value and contribution.

If white supremacy hadn’t been and did not continue to be so powerful, these guys wouldn’t need Peterson. They need him because they know exactly how much work white supremacy has done for them and are not, by any means, interested in doing that work themselves when, for centuries, others have done it for them.

I wonder how eager they will be for uncensored commentary when black/brown/indigenous peoples are in the majority: the power that this confers will switch the balance, and those voices will be louder simply as a result of becoming the majority. The Petersons will then attempt ‘censorship,’ or whatever is convenient to the maintenance of their dominance.

That will be consistent with previous behaviors — only we matter, and whatever it takes to keep us on top — and not, as leaders should show, a focus on moral or ethical choices.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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