I’ve also worked trying to recruit for diversity in corporate settings. My experience after observing for many years and then participating in trying to increase diversity is that white people don’t want it. Most white people view themselves as intrinsically more capable of leadership, and as a result view all POC promotion as a ‘favor’ that they, the ‘actually qualified’ white person, does for the POC which is implied cannot compete on his/her/their own without white help. Most white people buy into Manifest Destiny whether or not they want to admit it to themselves: they are automatically better leaders.

Ive observed this even when the white performance is on objective terms poorer than that of POC, in which case the company relies on the POC moving on after tolerating the discrimination and frustrations you describe. In these cases, the company actually risks real litigation (and loss of money, which is their bottom line) and still relies on bullying in order to convince the POC to leave. Litigation, in my experience, happens much less often than it should based on actual discrimination. There should be many more civil rights cases based on race and ethnicity at all of these large companies based on reality. Subtle and overt bullying keeps this from happening.

The most consistent and realistic conclusion I can come to — the only one which is congruent with the behavior of white people as a group — is twofold:

  1. No interest whatsoever in allowing POC a position which might create competition for white people; AND
  2. A decided determination to maintain white power, control, and dominance at higher levels.

White people as a collective want to maintain white supremacy based on their behaviors, regardless of what they say or even what they, in the case of white liberals, want to believe about themselves so as not to be disgusted with the actual facts of this sort of deceptive and unethical lack of moral behavior.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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