It would be very nice for you, a White man, to deflect your very FREE ride by acting as if the 401 year history of institutionalized White supremacy, and the profound moral deterioration it represents, doesn't exist by blaming other communities for your ancestors' historical disasters and disregard for moral behaviors.

White pp, as a collective, have other people's things. In particular, African-American and Native/Indigenous, but also to some extent all POCs in the form of subpar treatment.

These sorts of discussions will continue until White pp take the money belonging to everybody else and return it as appropriate. Also, the roof over their heads? Again, belong to people who've EARNED, not stolen. Take a look at Kristin Greenidge's play Luck of the Irish to get a good idea of what it means when White people have property belonging to Black people. Then, extrapolate to the entire country.

Even the distorted history we get in American public schools admits that Europeans stole from a wide range of other peoples, c. 90%. They just haven't stated the next step: their forbears, who falsely believe that what has been stolen is earned, will have to deal with those consequences.

White pp, as a collective group, have other people's things. These conversations will continue until White pp redistribute those assets, as appropriate, to the wide range of POCs to whom those assets really belong. They can then acquaint themselves with the lifting of a finger, and do some actual work BEFORE expecting a reward.

Your 500 yr freebie is rolling to an end. No amount of this arrogant hissy-fitting is going to change that.

Written by

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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