It is no surprise that a population focused on protecting its power would refuse acknowledgement of any attempts to create actual equality in a country which claims it.

White people are not behaving, as a group, as if they care about equality. White supremacists are frank about admitting that — they admit that they want to stay on top because, deep down, they know that they don’t have the intrinsic value to compete with POC. There would have been no need whatsoever to invent race in the first place if the European men traveling about the world hundreds of years ago could actually compete, on a level playing field, with POC. If they did have this intrinsic ability, they could have just won. But they didn’t. Thus, they have to make up a lie that guarantees they win — the immutability of ‘race’ — regardless of how subpar their performance is and despite the often significantly-higher performance of POC.

A cursory glance at Ivy League universities, the feeder institution for success, illustrates this nicely: Asians of all kinds perform better at tests as a group than whites, and this is on tests which white men invented a century ago specifically to keep out POC and to privilege their own education and thought processes. Instead of admitting that they just aren’t performing adequately, approximately 30% of incoming freshman classes have parents who extorted that IL university in order to get their underperforming (but rich, white) child in despite their lack of intrinsic qualification. This happens despite the fact that American history tells all of us that white people have what they have as a result of NOT PAYING African Americans for hundreds of years. Is it really legitimate to keep these monies, as a group — never mind the interest whites have accrued by not returning it — and claim that one ‘earned it’?!

But IL universities are only the beginning: from there, whites believe, as a group, that they should always be leaders. This generally takes two forms, depending on whether or not that white person is conservative or liberal:

  1. Conservative: us white people are smarter. We deserve to be leaders.
  2. Liberal: us white people will help you POC (implication: you need help from white people). We deserve to be leaders.

Note that the implicit conclusion is the same: white people believe they should be leaders. Whether or not they are in possession of any traits consistent with leadership becomes irrelevant, since their whiteness is the presumptive ‘placecard’ for intrinsic performance.

This cognition distorts reality. BUT, because whites as a group remain stubbornly wedded to the idea of their superiority, the psychology which follows must be congruent for them.

Thus, the psychology of white supremacy, whether liberal or not: we’re in charge, not you, POC. So, diversity training becomes nominal, because it must to support the attendant psychology of ‘I earned it’ in the face of reality: there is no way to know what you earned if you’re white, since so much confers to whites on the basis of race alone. So, POC MUST be framed, in the white mind, as inferior whether the white person admits it to him/her/themself (Conservative) or not (Liberal).

White people have most of the power, especially at higher levels in these corporations. In order for true diversity to happen, these extremely privileged white people will need to cede their positions , which quite frankly, look to POC as if they were unearned— ie, prestige and money — to higher-performing POC, of which there are more and more as the population of POC increases. Whites deal with this by minimizing the importance of diversity while simultaneously pretending to support it.

There is only one answer at higher levels, where real power and money are negotiated: because white males and to some extent white females are OVERREPRESENTED at these higher levels and ALL POC are underrepresented, whites will necessarily need to be demoted in order to allow the actual higher performers opportunities which white supremacy has denied us, by and large.

Whites do not perceive this as ‘giving something back,’ they perceive it as ‘giving something up.’ Once this psychology changes — and clearly, it won’t ‘if whites are in charge — POC will finally be able to obtain opportunities in meaningful fashion, rather than the nominal game of lip service currently played by large corporations through their system of coddling of white people.

This guarantee of success and constant psychological privileging despite lack of intrinsic qualification continues to deprive the world of all the wonderful benefits POC could give it. If we had an equal chance.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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