It is extremely important to note that liberals who do not support redistribution of resources are racist at some level. This group of people is much larger than the more honest, though admittedly repugnant, group of overt white supremacists. This sort of deception, often self-deception on the part of these people who want to appear to be nice, is simply an elaboration of the same Macchiavellian deception involved in the original creation of race c. 500 years ago.

As such, it operates as fundamentally malignant, as a form of collective Macchiavellian narcissistic malignancy which is shared as a hallucinatory “racial fantasyland” (The Racial Contract, Mills, p 18) amongst a wide range of whites. This is particularly true of white liberals who can’t stand to see themselves as anything other than nice, a stance that amounts to having their cake and eating it too, while denying that others right in front of their faces aren’t getting any cake as a result of their selfish maneuvers.

We will know that all whites are ready to exhibit equality when they take ‘their’ cake, often obtained by illegal means which are codified as legal in a white supremacist world, and handing that cake back to those who actually earned it. This should be monetary in the case of African-Americans, land in the case of indigenous peoples/Native Americans, admissions to universities in the case of a number of POC (right now, Asians in particular), and promotions, awards, etc in the case of many POC.

Yes, whites will have to lose not only items of material value but also cultural value of being white before anybody, and in particular blacks, are able to get back what is owed. Whites should acknowledge that what they gain — a thus far shirked morality — has some value. When that morality was simply chucked aside in the haste to take more stuff from others, a terrorist fascist state worldwide (white supremacy) was established which is, by definition, not moral.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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