In fact, I am partly Middle Eastern, with relatives that have lived in Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Jordan. There is no question that there are local conflicts in which those with power abuse it.

In all cases, however, they report that the closer they can be to whiteness,’ the better regarded they are. This is exhibited in, for example: respect for Western clothing; constant attempts to lighten skin and straighten hair (from what I understand, women in the ME simply admit that they want to look more white because it garners them more positive attention); the desire to marry a Western mate, etc. ETC, ETC.

These are anecdotal, in my life, and obviously can’t substitute for larger numbers which would indicate the actual trends.

But it is very significant to me because it represents a number of people from a range of countries.

I’ve heard the same from relatives from the Far East, and from friends reporting what the milieu is like in S. America: the whiter, the better.

There’s no question that what you explain exists, and that humans abuse power. But white supremacy exists too, and it has a differential effect on whites than it does on POC: chiefly, it has taken a difference and created a superiority/inferiority hierarchy which has altered the way the entire human race operates.

This confers advantage to whites everywhere, though as you point out, perhaps in not as penetrated a way as it does in the countries in which white supremacy was invented (ie, Britain and British settlers in the US.)

No doubt people in other countries will be subjected to local power battles, and this will be their primary focus as it will affect their daily lives. This doesn’t erase the fact that, at an overarching level, they are still inferior to white people in the larger, global arena in which power is negotiated.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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