I'm not focused purely on money, though we know that it is the means to power and often the only means.

Sexism and racism should not only be infuriating to the people subjected to it. Privilege naturally creates a context of diminished performance. Most people work as hard as they have to to reach a particular goal, and then they stop. If they are reaching that goal through extrinsic privileging, then they aren't providing the same value, generally speaking.

This will impact the society in the long-term. It explains why Asians can't get into Ivy League schools even when our scores are much higher than white pp: these pp are maintaining their privilege vicariously through their children, paying for it (ie, extortion) when their child's performance is inadequate. This feeds these privileged pp, mostly white, into executive positions where they are leaders.

This is our exact problem right now: we have 'leaders' that in high likelihood came from a group of mediocre privileged people who just aren't producing the same level of value as many POCs, regardless of profession. It can't be a long-term solution for a healthy country to take its most mediocre, privileged performers and have them sitting on top of the higher performers. This won't work! How can it? Who wants to take orders from people who aren't performing as well as they are??

Yet, this is what Congress, most corporate Boards, and C suites look like. I ask you to consider what it's like to sit in a room with these mediocres while they clearly display their stupidity paired up with an internalized sense of superiority and complete lack of insight as to their mediocrity! We often wonder if this is a form of psychosis.

This isn't just about money. It's about having a voice. It is also about whose books get published, who is speaking to communities, who is teaching the next generation, etc etc. Ultimately, this is the way society tells any group of pp that they matter: they let their opinions be heard through leadership and publications.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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