I’m guessing that these responses are mostly coming from white men. Anything to defend that massive privilege and then never admit you have it.

I really like your focus on religion. As a partly Middle Eastern person, I am more than sick and tired of having white people act as if Jesus was born in Rome, or alternatively, Dublin.

Of course images of a blonde Jesus are disturbing, and have been for centuries. It is appalling that a group of people — as a group of course, because white people are always INDIVIDUALS, and those of us brown and black people who NEVER are musn’t forget it and must always qualify our subordination with statements that remind whites they are better and more worthy of individuality— has so little inside that they can’t even acknowledge the truth in the context of religion. What does this say about their stances on religions??

The first time I took my daughters to church, I pointed out the picture and explained the lie it represents.

Thanks again. You seem quite hopeful. I am looking into leaving, as I’ve lost all hope with white people as a group. There may be a few truly anti-racists here and there, but we need a much bigger push if we are to see anything vaguely resembling equality, which this country has never seen or promoted with any sort of gravity. ‘Equality’ is only about keeping the white majority in power. I think we need to see the majority shift, because otherwise we are not going to see any true moral response to these issues, and in particular to the issue of the historical abuses African-Americans have tolerated…

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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