I'm glad you agree in general that when she submits her work, her extrinsic advantage due to her whiteness is so massive that it doesn't really matter where she pitches it. Most of the time, she'll be published for being white. Statistics indicate that white women have a massive edge in publishing, in some cases even over white men. These are large-scale statistical realities. I certainly don't agree that this sort of violence should be involved. Simply actual merit, not white favoritism.

Listen, though, if YOU want her 'stoned to death' in a public square, you're going to have to advocate for that. I don't agree. I think she should merely acknowledge her massive privilege which lowers the bar for her and forces POCs to work harder for less to overcome that big extrinsically-rewarded system of privilege. We just want equality, not your suggested violence!

Here's what most POC's want: when our quality exceeds white women's, DON"T once again plop the reward in their laps. You may desire to 'stone' her, but we just want the equal chance we never get!

Golly, I hope you don't get cancelled for that rude comment.

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